Myrtle Beach Primary School

Myrtle Beach, SC Interior Renovation 102,850 SF Consultant to Quackenbush Architects

e3 studio collaborated with Quackenbush Architects as an interior design consultant for the Myrtle Beach Primary School renovation. The design of the interior for the school is youthful and unique. The color palette is bright and lends itself to the kindergartners and first graders who spend their days there. The design concept for the color is used in the corridors is used to break up the long length of the corridors, creates a “door mat” for each classroom entry, and defines the area for artwork display for each classroom. The bright colors are used strategically against a neutral white to allow the color to pop. The blue, green, and yellow color palette flows through the centrally located media center that is open to corridors on both sides.  Millwork “object” pieces were designed along the edge of the media center to define the media center while keeping it open to the circulation spaces. The “objects” incorporated circular reading nooks, marker boards, and tack boards to share inspirational quotes and artwork created by the students. Thus, the nucleus of the school is designed as a center for learning, collaboration, and interaction.