Wyndham VO

Interior Renovation 16,800 sf Wyndham Vacation Ownership

The Nashville Sales Center, for the fast growing Wyndham VO, was originally built in 1984 and was in need of renovation. Not only was the interior of this space outdated, but the spatial order was unorganized due to company growth and makeshift allocation of working spaces. After the initial site investigation, studies were done on private vs public circulation and space. This study was the basis for the re-organization of programmatic spaces to allow efficient flow of guests and host. 

Another study was done to explore the most appropriate image for the sales center; it needed an image that was site specific to attract vacationers to Nashville. Music was the inspiration ~ We explored all aspects of music including vocals, sheet music, instruments, recording studios, performances, and stages to use as an abstract translation in the interior. 

Interior Design Services included spatial layout, material and lighting selection, cost estimate, millwork design and detailing, and furniture | fixtures | accessories selection.